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Whitepaper: The RTOS as the Engine Powering IoT critical Infrastructure

Digital transformation offers industrial manufacturers the promise of business advantages and efficiencies through the use of data analytics and advanced control systems. To retain their market position and stay ahead of agile competitors, enterprises are embracing the era of Industrial IoT and investing in new capabilities. But realizing this vision of digital transformation is complex, with many challenges along the path to success. Adding network connectivity to your existing systems introduces more opportunity for cybersecurity threats, while opting to isolate your systems for safety and security reasons can mean missing out on some of the key benefits of IoT.

This paper examines how companies can establish a digital transformation strategy, realizing business value by creating data-enabled intelligent systems that are protected from cybersecurity threats while reducing total IoT critical infrastructure lifecycle cost and risk. We will also look at the use of virtualization to consolidate core safety-certified and non-safe applications, separate IoT communications from legacy applications, and enable huge benefits in the use of advanced technologies to implement IoT capabilities. Finally, we will examine how virtualization can maximize product safety and enable the use of Java and analytics at the edge, using various types of partitioning in IoT design that lead to reductions in overall design cost and risk.

Find the full whitepaper with detailed information on RTOS opportunities, business drivers and capabilities here.