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Survey Report: What is the State of Autonomous Systems Integration?

In order to define the framework of autonomous systems and its impact on businesses we.CONECT asked cross-industry decision makers and thought leaders to share their views on benefits, challenges as well as the latest technologies and strategies they are working on to implement intelligent autonomous machines. 300 Manufacturing, R&D, AI, Robotics & Autonomous Systems managers from leading international companies took part in the survey that unveiled what really matters for autonomous systems integration.

Key Facts (Extract):

Every fourth polled organization has one or more autonomous systems related technologies are already in place.
The survey participants state that Automotive (64%), Manufacturing (63%) and Transportation & Logistics (60%) are the industry sectors most affected by the technological progress and availability of autonomous systems.
Every second company struggles with integrating autonomous systems into existing structures.

Find the full survey report with all insights on autonomous systems technologies from international decision makers here.