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Survey Report: Integrating Autonomous Intelligent Systems

In the course of this year’s Autonomous Machines World Conference in Berlin, we.conect conducted an online-survey to identify current trends and challenges in the integration of cognitive machines and intelligent systems. The survey collected insights from industry experts including senior managers, directors and board members from manufacturing, industrial automation and logistics businesses.

Nearly 70 % of respondents ranked the integration of cognitive machines and autonomous systems as either high or very high on their agenda showing that the topic has already become an integral part of business strategies today. However, the implementation is still in its early stages. Only 21 % of respondents said that one or more autonomous systems are already up and running. For the majority, these systems still are in various stages of testing. But the areas of application are manifold, which means that many work areas and processes will be affected in the next five to ten years. The industries most affected seem to be transportation and logistics, manufacturing, the automotive industry and IT, where the commercial availability of such systems has already had an impact. The effects are most commonly associated with an increase in efficiency and new business opportunities. Gaining a competitive advantage while also saving time and costs were identified as the biggest opportunities for the companies.

So what challenges does the introduction of cognitive machines and autonomous systems bear for these companies? Most commonly, the challenge lies in integrating new systems into existing structures, procedures and the work culture. Also, a level of trust has yet to be established. More than half of the respondents are concerned about safety. The risks relate to the human-machine interaction on the one hand, but also to cyber and data security. Finding solutions and ways to minimize these risks will be crucial to gain acceptance from staff, customers and business partners.

So which specific technologies are expected to be used? Who are considered the thought leaders in the field?

Read the full survey report and find out!

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