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Survey Report: Deep Driving Technologies for Cognitive Vehicles

The role of deep learning and artificial intelligence has become a fierce debate with more and more innovative companies bringing autonomous vehicle solutions to the market. What AI applications do companies currently research for ADAS? And which aspects need to be addressed in order for AI solutions to be more broadly deployed in practical applications?
In order to find answers to these urgent questions we.CONECT consulted 150+ senior level executives and directors from major international companies including OEMs, Tier 1s, Tier 2s in the course of an online survey. The survey participants shared their first hand experience on the research and use of AI for ADAS applications. They also stated important research topics for ADAS / Level 3 & 4 Automation and the hurdles for broad AI solution deployment.

Key Facts (Extract):

Machine learning (30%) and autonomous vehicle navigation applications (29%) are mostly being researched by the participating organizations.
43% of the survey participants aren’t currently planning to research or use AI applications.
The hottest research topics are Sensor Fusion (58%), Deep driving & machine learning (54%) and Data Processing & AI (52%).

Find the full survey report with all insights from international automotive decision makers and experts here.