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Service robots on the rise

Increasing demand for robots in private same as commercial sectors

Recently, more and more service robots have been in demand. According to the Fraunhofer IPA with the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the segment already grew at double-digit rates in 2018.

Sales rates increase

The report of the two organizations showed that in 2018, 61 percent more service robots were in demand in the industry than in 2017. 271,000 service robots were sold in this way, with a total value of 9.2 billion US dollars.

Popular robot types

Mobile robots, such as self-propelled transport vehicles (FTF), had one of the highest sales volumes. Other than that, industrial robots are used to a high degree. At around 40 percent, they accounted for the majority of service robots. The FTFs are particularly popular in online businesses. Turnover rose by 53 percent to 3.7 billion US dollars. These robots are mainly manufactured in the USA and Canada.

Other service offerings

Other types of robot also become more and more popular. In terms of turnover, FTFs and industrial robots are followed by maintenance systems and robots in the medical sector. Although they are less common, they are more valuable. In this way, these two categories account for around a third of total sales.

Private service robots

The demand for service robots is also increasing in the private sector. In 2018, cleaning, play and assistance robotics accounted for an increase of 15 percent over the previous year.


In view of rising demand, the report predicts that the million-robot service mark will be cracked by 2022.

About the author: David Fluhr is a journalist and owner of the digital magazine “Autonomes Fahren & Co”. He regularly reports on trends and technologies in the fields of autonomous driving, HMI, telematics and robotics. Link to his website: