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ScaleUp 360° Cognitive Business Automation 2019

we.CONECT is launching the first ever digital event on Cognitive Business Automation: ScaleUp 360° Cognitive Business Automation will be taking place March 07-08, 2019.

The event SCALEUP 360° Cognitive Business Automation offers 2 days with 12 live webinars and case studies on how to achieve greater productivity, quality, customer experience and cost savings for the business with artificial intelligence. Participants can interact with the speakers and other attendees in live Q&A’s during the webinars and discuss solutions in real-time – right from their desk.

SCALEUP 360° Cognitive Business Automation topics:

Illuminating the skillset of a digital workforce – What are the most important process automation skills to scale up organizations?
Robots as mimics – How do RPA platforms enable robots to complete rule-based tasks?
What are the benefits of automated decision making in terms of efficiency, resilience and agility?
Securing RPA – How to give robots access to highly sensitive data without exposing security vulnerabilities?
How do specific cases for intelligent/cognitive/smart automation in Shared Service Centers (SSC) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operations look like?
What are tools to rapidly and flexibly build, validate, and execute new business processes across multiple systems and applications?
Making AI tangible – How do digital front end surfaces to RPA solutions look like?
How does Process automation accelerate back-office tasks in Finance & Accounting, Procurement, Supply Chain, HR and Customer Service?
Transforming information into business value – How cognitive technologies structure and improve content and business documents?
How do AI and Machine Learning leverage Process Mining to reconstruct your business processes?

The SCALEUP 360° Cognitive Business Automation will be supported by a variety of different speakers. Here are just some of the highlights that await us in March:

Leveraging Process Mining: How to use automation to achieve the First Time Right
Akzo Nobel, Performance Optimisation Manage, Nina van Krimpen
Cognitive Business Automation: a matter of wisdom
Generali, Head of Customer Service – Global Corporate & Commercial, Paolo Porrati
Open Source vs Proprietary – Choosing the right robots to automate back office tasks Deutsche Bahn AG, It expert Finanzservice, Jonas Schindler

Join us when the most innovative and forward thinking experts present their challenges, experiences and solutions in the course of Robotic Process Automation implementation.

For more information on the agenda, our partners and online registration, visit our website at