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NLR Aerospace Centre: An Aerospace View on Autonomous Transport

Rui Roosien
R&D consultant, NLR – Netherlands Aerospace Centre

Rui Roosien
R&D consultant, NLR – Netherlands Aerospace Centre

About Rui:

Rui Roosien is an airport Research and Development and Automated Transport consultant at NLR, the Netherlands Aerospace Centre. Rui deploys aerospace knowledge into automated and connected transport. At NLR he supports aerospace clients with applied research. By investigating the need and context behind a request and by gathering experts from all corners of the company, he creates opportunities where others don’t.
Rui will focus his talk on an aerospace view on autonomous transport. In his case study, Rui will shed light on how automation changes everything in terms of requirements to vehicle, infrastructure and operations. He will also draw parallels with other forms of transport, discuss what can be taken from aviation and what can other industries learn from the progress in aviation.

we.CONECT: In regards to autonomous systems technologies, where do we stand now from a technological perspective? What level of autonomy can be reached today?

Rui Roosien: Up to 5, but only in a closed environment with specific infrastructure. On public roads I think level 2 is the maximum.

we.CONECT: What are the biggest challenges in the autonomous systems space at the moment?

Rui Roosien: To design a framework of rules and legislation that ensures the safe operation of autonomous vehicles while allowing manufacturers their freedom to develop smart solutions.

we.CONECT: What are the biggest challenges companies/organisations are facing in taking the first steps towards the development and use of autonomous systems?

Rui Roosien: Legal hurdles; rules and regulations are built around human operation. From a technical perspective: visual surveillance, all weather operations, (temporary) from normal situation (e.g. roadworks), complex situations (e.g. at intersections, busy roundabouts).

we.CONECT: How and which industries will be impacted by the development of autonomous systems and intelligent machines technologies and why?

Rui Roosien: Industries are already spending huge R&D budgets, governments are already preparing for the advent of autonomous systems.

we.CONECT: What chances and opportunities will intelligent machines bring in your opinion?

Rui Roosien: Further automation. Decentralization of control. Remote, inaccessible locations become accessible.

we.CONECT: What expectations do you have regarding “Autonomous Machines World”? Which outcomes and benefits do you expect to gain from the exchange with participating companies?

Rui Roosien: I want to gain new insights, validate my own assumptions and learn things I’ve never heard about before.

we.CONECT: Tell us a little about your presentation. What will be the focus and key points of your presentation?

Rui Roosien: How do you safely manage a paradigm shift in a system that worked perfectly well for at least 30 years? Removing the human from the driver’s seat has great impact not only on on-board automation, but also on infrastructure and the operation you can run.

we.CONECT: Shout-outs: Any projects/people/technologies that have inspired you lately?

Rui Roosien: Hyperloop. High speed travel by ‘train’ at the speed of an aircraft. What happens to remote regions if suddenly their within 10 minutes travel from (e.g.) the capital?

we.CONECT: Thank you Rui for your insights. We are looking forward to welcoming you as a speaker!