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How to make Predictive Analytics your next passion project – Webinar record

Predictive Analytics is now the #1 feature on application roadmaps. Developers of all skill levels are creating predictive models and making headway on new projects in their spare time. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss this highly interesting webinar record giving you a quick guide to Predictive Analytics.

Key Takeaways from this webinar record:

Why Predictive Analytics is the perfect passion project for ambitious developers
Examples of how Predictive Analytics is used in popular industry use cases
How to identify and start your first Predictive Analytics project
How to find the right dataset to get build a model
How to create, distribute, and act on the predictive insights
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Logi Analytics, Inc. is a computer software company focused exclusively on embedding analytics in commercial and enterprise applications. Logi leverages your existing tech stack and supports unlimited customization and white-labeling, so you can quickly build a completely unique analytics experience. The company is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, with offices in Dublin, Ireland and London, UK