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Hitachi E-Book: Unleash Your DataOps Advantage – A Modern Approach to Data Management

Do you really know where all your data is, how to access it and who can see it?

If you’re not sure, you’re not alone.

According to IDC, the reality is that only 2.5% of all data is actually analyzed. That means the vast majority of your data, arguably your organization’s most valuable asset, is totally underutilized. Unlike most corporate assets, data is infinitely diverse and able to simultaneously be used for many strategic purposes. Its value also appreciates over time as it is enriched and activated in new ways.

The buzz around data grows louder every day: amplified by the unconstrained volumes of data now pouring into organizations from sources such as IoT sensors, multimedia and social media feeds, and enterprise systems. As a result, there is a great deal of executive level focus on better business outcomes that are made possible by intelligently capturing, orchestrating and analyzing data.

DataOps: Data Unleashed
More personalized customer experiences, greater process efficiencies, enhanced productivity, new digital revenue streams and the transformational possibilities of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) can all be unleashed by a fresh approach to data management.

In this eBook, we show you the benefits that flow from tapping into the infinite resource that is data, recently described as the “new sun.”

  • How to turn data into the cost-effective, never-depleting energy of insight and growth.
  • What steps to take to become a successful, DataOps powered organization.
  • The key benefits of applying a DataOps approach.

Hitachi Vantara is a data storage systems provider. They seamlessly connect data consumers with data creators to rapidly monetize all company data. Hitachi Vantara is a solution partner with industrial expertise, offering best technologies and insightful analytics.