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Hitachi: Data Management Analytics – Introduction to Data Mashups and Data Blending

Over time, we have seen how increasingly important it is for organizations to bring data from disparate sources and data types together in an analytics-ready fashion. A recent IDC survey shows the increasing complexity of data management: by 2020, over 80% of organizations will be integrating ten data sources (or types), up from averagely six today. This need to blend data to create value will only increase as new types and sources of data and information continue to emerge.

Today’s leaders are taking data mashups to new levels by blending data on demand and at the source to drive more significant business results. By combining data in this manner, companies are gaining full visibility into their end-to-end data pipelines, stretching from raw data to end user insights. Comprehensive data blending is only possible when you use full data integration capabilities – not just visualizations or reports. Data integration can maximize analytic value. Better data integration also allows companies to adjust to changes in data sources, integrate different kinds of data sources and make the most of their existing technical teams while reducing manual hand-coding.

Key Takeaways from this Whitepaper:

What are the benefits and restrictions of different types of data architecture?
How can Data Mashups and blending add value to your Analytics?
Which steps in Data integration are necessary to maximize analytic value?

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