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Denodo Global Cloud Survey 2020

Cloud computing technology is growing more quickly than ever before. Applications are becoming more portable, enabling compute cycles to support workloads in real time, and data integration platforms are streamlining connectivity and crossing platform boundaries, making hybrid and multi-cloud architecture the de-facto standard. In 2019, Denodo released its second cloud survey, and that momentum continues with the Denodo Global Cloud Survey 2020.

The results of this survey highlight some unique capabilities tied to workload automation that further simplify the adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud technologies. As workloads span clouds, the cloud providers themselves routinely extend into rival territory, and this is clearly evident from technology advancements such as Google Anthos, Amazon Outposts, and Azure Stack. In another trend, organizations are leveraging container orchestration as fabric that enables them to extend applications across disparate cloud infrastructures, delivering on the multi-cloud promise. Infused intelligence is becoming the norm, with every Software-as-a-Service, IT Ops, analytics, and BI product currently being infused, in various ways and to varying degrees, with machine learning, whether it needs it or not.

In this paper, we cover all of the results of the Denodo Global Cloud Survey 2020, going question-by-question.

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