Data Virtualization for Dummies – Learn how to use data virtualization in your company

The ever-increasing volume of data and channels presents companies with the challenge of storing, accessing, and sharing massive volumes of data coming from both, traditional and new sources.

In today’s complex data landscape, it is no longer feasible to replicate data from myriad sources into a central repository because of the associated costs and delays in accessing the data. Cloud storage architectures have helped, but they still establish independent data silos that cannot be seamlessly integrated with other systems, such as traditional data warehouses.

Data Virtualization is a promising topic for companies in order to deal with their big volumes of data. This e-book will help you with a lot of interesting insights to Data Virtualization to answer your questions and overcome your challenges.

Learn in this e-book how to:

  • Integrate all data sources and types
  • Drive digital transformation
  • Take the pain out of cloud adoption
  • Cope with regulatory requirements
  • Conquer siloed data in the enterprise
  • Deliver big data solutions that work