Cognitive Business Automation – RPA : B.O.T.S

Cognitive Business Automation is Europe’s cross-industry forum dedicated to providing precise insights into new technical innovation and to discuss business benefits of RPA, AI, Automation Intelligence and impact on business strategies.

We will live-stream this highlight event – so tune in, get inspired by our expert speakers and discover the next era of AI & Automation!



Cognitive Automation, Robotics, AI and Workflow Engines
Stephan Arnold, Strategy Project Lead Digitalisation, Helaba


Potential of IBM Watson for SAP Supply Chain Management in the German Automotive Sector with Live Demos
Wolfgang Bosch, Business Development Executive, IBM Watson & Cloud Platform, IBM Deutschland GmbH
Ralf Roulsan Balayan, Automotive Consultant – SAP SCM, IBM Global Business Services, IBM Deutschland GmbH


Improving Business with Artificial Intelligence and RPA vs. Customised Products and Configuration 
Markus Brandstetter, Vice President Engineering (TT-CH/NE), Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd.
Katrin Muller, Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd.


Big Data Automation and Transformation in Business Processes
Mariya Manolova, Data Engineer, Johnson & Johnson


Automation and GRC at Zurich – lessons learnt from a global insurance company
Deepak Subbarao, Program Manager EMEA, MBB Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.


Reimagine Finance Powered by Intelligent Automation
Tim Ulrich, Senior Director, RPA & AI – Technology Transformation, Capgemini’s Business Services


RPA in Pre-Approved Consumer Loan Processes
Stephan Strasser, Deputy Head of Unit OpRisk, RepRisk & Credit Risk Validation, PD Models & Data Science, UniCredit Bank Austria
Sabrina Kurhn, Data Science & ML Expert, UniCredit Bank Austria


Implementing Cognitive Automation for Company-wide Operations – Experienves from a Piloting Project
Andreas Pauli, Process Automation Lead, Senior Manager Inhouse Consulting, Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG